About Psychic Reading

Psychics and Spirituality

Sceptics tell us that the psychic world is the world of fantasy and make believe and has nothing to do with the reality of every day living. The true reality is that the psychic world is all around us. It is a world that effects every aspect of our life including our relationships, the career that we choose and the people that we love. We are all in essence, spiritual beings, traveling a wondrous journey, called life.

We can all access the spiritual realms if we so choose, but like anything, for most of us, it takes practice and dedication. We sense psychic communication through our five senses. I use the word communication, because that’s what it is. Our psyche or soul has access to thousands of years of wisdom and knowledge that is stored in what’s called the Akashic records. The Akashic records are the records of a soul from the time we are born to the time we return. Every thought, emotion and action that we experience in our lives are stored there.

In addition, there are a whole range of spiritual beings including Angels, Teachers, Guides, Saints and Ascended masters such as Christ and Buddha as well as well as people we may even have known who have passed on from our world. All of these beings of the spirit world are eager and willing to help those who ask for their wisdom and guidance.

Not all psychics receive information in the same way. Some for example, are clairvoyant, which means ‘clear seeing’. It is the ability to see beyond the normal world and describe people and events far away, or in the future. Some readers use a technique called Scrying (seeing psychic images in a reflective surface like a crystal ball or water). Others have a gift of Clairaudience, which is the ability to hear words or sounds communicated to them from the spirit realms. Clairsentience is akin to intuition and can be felt in the emotions or physical senses rather than in our minds. For example getting a ‘gut feeling or reaction’ about some one or thing.