10 Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

It might sound surprising, but majority of people actually possess heightened psychic capabilities in varying shapes and colors. Whether it be conscious or unconscious, it does not really change the fact that most of us are gifted with the ability.

Often we view the topic as sinister and scary, but when we open our minds and broaden deepen our perspective towards it, it can be truly liberating. Below are several signs that might suggest that you are a psychic.

  1. Experiencing déjà vu on a regular.

Ever felt like a particular instance has happened before? I know you have several times. Déjà vu isn’t confined to just that—it also involves possessing an immense sensation of familiarity towards places, things, experiences and people.

  1. Reoccurrence of visions.

Do your dreams involve future events? Most likely, this indicates that you have hidden psychic abilities that are merely waiting to be acknowledged.

  1. Boosted intuition.

Your phone rings and for some reason, you’re well aware who the caller or texter is. You step outside and a have a strong sense of prediction towards a certain event. Are these coincidences? It’s less likely. It is more so a sign that you’re a psychic waiting to unravel itself within yourself.

  1. Cases of telepathy.

We often see this in movies—for some reason, we have a deep connection with certain people (be it our best friend, lover or sibling); weirdly enough, we are able to finish each other’s sentences and read each other’s deepest thoughts. What if this “deep connection” is actually a symptom of psychic capability?

  1. Vivid dreams.

Ever wondered why your dreams are frequently rich in detail? These details or symbols actually have meanings and can usually lead to a greater form of understanding that can reach our waking life. It is a popular belief that dreaming is actually our unconscious mind speaking to us in its own way. Next time this happens, make sure that you are listening.

  1. Grand Premonitions.

If you’ve set aside the time to document any predictions that has inevitably occurred to you, it is most likely a sign that you have an innate psychic gift.

  1. Enhanced sense of misfortune.

While it’s normal to worry, there are times wherein the worry grows to an extent that it cripples us in fear. There is no clear explanation for these instances and may indicate that you are a psychic at heart.

  1. Instances of psychometry.

Ever held someone’s hand or shoulder and magically sensed their history? This is more commonly known as psychometry, which is described to be the phenomena wherein you experience different tastes, images or scents through touching an object or another individual.

  1. The ability to heal with mere touch.

Psychics are believed to be also capable of healing someone by simply putting a hand or two on the ill individual. Energy plays a key role in this scenario and may be a sign that you are a psychic that is more specifically destined to heal others.

  1. Being in two places at once.

Ever wondered why you oddly feel the pain and suffering around the world despite the distance? Some people claim to have physically, emotionally and spiritually “felt” like they were in a number of events occurring across the world while actually being at home. This symptom shows that you have a highly enhanced level of psychic ability.

It is normal to be afraid at first if you have most if not all of the signs listed above. But make sure you do not dwell in a place of fear too long, because the people around you would be missing out on someone who could greatly help them in many ways. Rather than hiding away, learn to cherish these gifts and broaden you understanding. Embrace it and apply it proactively.